Creativity is our Business

Who we are

We stand out for our unique ability to combine creativity, customization and executive management of the project, in everdetail, offering customers unique forms, materials and innovative production techniques.
This is our strength: we transfer value in each phase of the project in order to allow customers to live their dreams and be happy.

As a child I had a dream: to create the most beautiful house in the world…

I had two great strokes of luck in my life; to be born in Italy and to travel to many different countries.
In 1975 my friend Robert sent me to do my first job in Saudi Arabia and then in 1977 to Hong Kong: two places which influenced deeply both the course of my life and my professional career. I started with buildings: creating new ones or restructuring old ones, always following a single guideline: harmony and respect for both culture and environment, with a single purpose: beauty.

But it was not sufficient just to work on the structures: to give soul to the buildings I had to also consider what was around and within them.
From here on, I paid more and more attention to interior design and furnishing, the architecture of gardens and water, with one firm belief: luxury and refinement are not made up of ostentation, but of an equilibrium of shapes and preciou- sness of materials, in a single word, elegance.

That is how I arrived today, together with other friends and professionals, at Officina Della Scala, a group which joins their common roots — which are set in the best of Italianness, in the creativity, the culture of our country — paying attention to internationalism and openness to other cultures; who join seriousness and love of their own work to unending curiosity, the first step to innovation and continuous research.

From the hardest and rawest of materials to the softest and most refined, we put the same passion and care into creating something which is not just a simple office, shop, bank, hotel or home but a place where one feels well, where one lives well, because life's quality is created also where we spend our time working, relaxing and living. There is another indispensable and fundamental element in our work: the commissioner, because it is he who, besides his concrete needs has the dream that we fulfil, interpreting and translating into shapes and materials what he desires.